Banana Chips

Pavizham Rice Bran Oil is extremely versatile and without leaving an oily aftertaste,We can make a variety of recipes .Try this one!

Uzhunnu Vada

We have tasted kerala style uzhunnu vada with coconut oil.Now it is time for a change!Make one with rice bran oil and experience it.

Kerala Fish Molly

Try rice bran oil for this recipe and discover the secret by yourself.Definitely you will feel a difference and surprise everyone with your new make.

Better Cooking

Pavizham Rice Bran Oil is naturally light and clean tasting. Pavizham Rice Bran Oil is made from the most nutritious part of a rice grain, the bran and germ. Oils start to lose many of their benefits when they get too hot. Pavizham rice bran oil can be heated to higher temperatures than other oils, which means that the benefits of the oil remain even at high temperatures. If your oil is starting to smoke then antioxidant levels are greatly reduced.


Pavizham Rice Bran Oil has significantly higher levels of antioxidants than other oil types. This is because Pavizham is made from the most nutritious part of rice grains, the bran and germ which are inherently high in natural antioxidants such has Vitamin E and Oryzanol. Pavizham Rice Bran oil has significantly lower viscosity (is more runny) than other vegetable oils and olive oil. It therefore drains off better in frying applications leaving food free of excess oil. Pavizham Rice Bran Oil can be heated to 250 C (482 F) before smoking. With such a high smoke point you will find that your food will not stick to your pan. This means less burning and mess to clean up in your pan.Rice bran oil is a powerful anti-aging complex known to protect the skin from aging and external aggression. It is also known to promote blood microcirculation, which is beneficial in reducing dark circles and puffiness.